The Science Bridge initiative is a unique scientific endeavor that aims to improve human relations between diverse world cultures. We are a global initiative representing all people, all cultures and all nations.

‘The Science Bridge’ initiative

In many surveys conducted around the globe in different cultures and societies, health is the number one priority for everyone. It is clear that to effectively ‘globalize’ health care will require ‘sustained’ collaborations between nations at all levels of health care activities, beginning with the discovery of disease mechanisms and new treatments.

The Science Bridge is a non-profit, peace-building humanitarian endeavor with a unique approach to engage scientists from different cultures and nations to collaborate on specific scientific research themes.

We believe that to make its scientific mission and social goal successful and sustainable, collaborative research should be largely performed within and between partner ‘Twin Institutes’ strategically located in collaborating nations. To improve relations between the Western and the Middle-Eastern countries, the goal of our project is to build Twin Institutes, one located in a ‘Greater’ Middle-Eastern country and an another one located in a Western country. In this way, scientific collaborations on projects of mutual interest will foster better understanding and good relations between people of different cultures and nations and set into motion our collective desire to make our world a better place for all.

The formation of bonds between different atoms results in molecules with novel properties. Similarly, the encounter of different faiths and cultures leads to new vistas and human progress if peaceful and driven by mutual interest and open exchange. Scientific collaboration is based on common scientific interests and the free exchange of techniques and ideas, and thus ideally suited to build bridges between people of different origins. Scientific research, which is aimed at improving health care for the well-being of humanity is a fundamental need that transcends cultures and religious beliefs and will build trust and cooperation.

In our project, we propose to build ‘Twin Institutes’ — one in a Middle-Eastern country and one in a Western country– that will work together toward common goals in neuroscience.

Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to advance the understanding of the brain, in particular how we remember, recall and forget, through basic research. Ultimately, we hope to develop treatments for disorders of the brain that affect memory- and motor-related brain functions, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases. Our researchers and board members are accomplished scientists in the field of neuroscience, who are focused on making progress toward the treatment and prevention of such disorders.

Our secondary goal is to promote understanding between the Middle-Eastern and Western worlds, whose relationship is currently at a crossroad; tensions are running high between these diverse world cultures. Through scientific collaboration and a focus on what we all have in common, namely a desire for knowledge, progress and eradication of disease, we believe TSB initiative can make a positive contribution not only to science, but also to human relations.

How to achieve our goals

To achieve our mission, we are proposing to set up ‘Twin Institutes’ in Western and Middle-Eastern countries where scientists from different cultures and nations can work together.